5 Keys to Contact Centre Success

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Carolyn Blunt

Topic: 5 Keys To Contact Centre Success
Presenter: Carolyn Blunt
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Do you know the 5 Secrets to Contact Centre Success? Whether you are an expert in contact centres or planning to set up a brand new contact centre for the first time, there are tips and tricks in my session for you.

Over the next half an hour I’m going to share with you solutions to problems experienced by contact centres all over the world, problems that are challenging for many smart and experienced people. The only reason I have been able to get some answers is that I’ve had a decade to work as a consultant, stepping into contact centres with fresh eyes and learning from hundreds of experiences. In 2012 I was voted Most Respected Person in the UK Contact Centre Industry because I love to share my knowledge in training courses, articles, books, conference speeches and now with on-line videos.

My passion is in making contact centres an exciting and rewarding place to work, they can be amazing when they are led and managed well. So here are 5 of my keys to success. I hope you enjoy it and gets lots from it. Have your pen or ipad ready!

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