50 Do-It-Yourself Divorce Tips In 50 Minutes

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Lee Rosen

Topic: 50 Do-It-Yourself Divorce Tips In 50 Minutes
Presenter: Lee Rosen
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50 tips in 50 minutes

We'll teach you how to make the most of resources and material on Rosen.com in order to file for divorce in North Carolina. Consider this webinar a DIY Divorce walkthrough.

You'll learn 50 quick tips to keep in mind throughout the process and gain a better understanding of the steps you'll need to take when handling your own divorce.

There are plenty of easily avoided mistakes that people make every day when going through a divorce.

It could be that you've moved out of the home too soon and didn't gather enough information about your marital assets before leaving. Perhaps, your spouse is monitoring your online activity or recording calls without your knowledge. There are a whole slew of thing that could be going on you may not know about. Find out how to avoid these situations and protect yourself moving forward.

Navigating Resources on the Rosen.com

Find out where to go on rosen.com. There are countless divorce forms and sample agreements available for download. Educate yourself with Rosen Online–our month-to-month divorce guide with unlimited email access to a Rosen attorney. Don't forget to join the forum; ask a question someone else may have and receive an answer from a lawyer.

There are also eBooks, eCourses, and a privacy quiz on rosen.com, absolutely free.

Prepare Yourself

Going through a divorce is never easy. It's a mentally and emotionally trying time. The 50 Divorce Tips in 50 Minutes will touch on topics to keep you level-headed and better able to approach divorce. Take time to research, understand what your realistic expectations should be and prepared for divorce every step of the way. It may never be easy to go through the process, but staying one step ahead will certainly reduce stress and costly mistakes.

We hope you enjoy the 50 Divorce Tips in 50 Minutes Webinar. Your presenter will be our very own, Lee Rosen.

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