Freedom From Chronic Spinal Pain and Pinched Nerves - a 20-minute webinar giving eye-opening solutions for spinal pain and pinched nerves.

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Dr. Alan Chong

Topic: Effective lasting relief for degenerative, bulging, and herniated disc problems and pinched nerves.
Presenter: Dr. Alan Chong
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In this 20-minute webinar, Dr. Chong concisely explains the hidden causesofchronic spinal problems, painand how pinched nervescreate pain and disability. Usingx-rays and MRI images, he outlines common painful spinal problems and offerspotential effective treatment solutions.

DRX 9000-based spinal decompressionis an extremely effective, long-lastingtreatment option for many. He invites you toget an expert opinionwith an in-office spinal consultation at Calgary Spinal Decompression Centre. Have your questions answered personally and professionally.

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