Nodes Change Signs - To the Virgo / Pisces Axis - Practical Mysticism for All 12 Signs For the Next 1.5 Years

The Nodes are deep evolutionary principles that excite our irrational fears, affecting the personal and the Global.

Whatever sign and house axis they occupy in the sky - and planets they transit, affects us for the duration of the transit through that sign axis.

In this Web trainingyou will learn:
* Important Scriptural background of the Nodes

* How the transit of Rahu through Virgo and Ketu through Pisces will affect all 12 (ascending) Signs (including yours) for the next 18 months.
* A Quick Reecnt History of the "Virgo/Pisces" Nodal Axis
* Current and Future World Affairs as influenced by this Nodal Axis
* Much More
* All FREE