Saturn Change Signs - Move into Scorpio - Strengthening Our Irrational Fears for All 12 Signs For the Next 2.5 Years

Saturn is the part of you that is aware of endings - time passing - the Past and how it has shaped the present, and the present and how it shapes the Future.

Saturn will be in Scorpio form November 1, 2014 until February 2017. Scorpio is the Sign where we face our imagined fears and are challenged to over come them / transform them into strengths.

Wherever the Sign of Scorpio falls from your rising will show how these themes will pay out for you.

In this Web trainingyou will learn:
* Important scriptural / mythological background on Saturn, which shows the Spritual intention of this Planet.
* How the transit of "Saturn in Scorpio" will affect you - based on your Sign.
* A Quick Reecnt History of the ""Saturn in Scorpio" transit.
* Current and Future World Affairs as influenced by Saturn, as he moves from Libra to Scorpio.
* Much More
* All FREE

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