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Dr. Michael Harpold

Topic: Down Syndrome Cognition Research Update
Presenter: Dr. Michael Harpold
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Down syndrome cognition research holds enormous potential for people with Ds — but have your members heard?

This webinar will give affiliate leaders and members of the Down syndrome community the information families need about how science is working to deliver increased opportunity, independence, and fulfillment to individuals with Down syndrome. Researchers are making great strides towards delivering improved learning, memory and speech, and towards preventing the additional cognitive decline people with Ds experience as they age. Find out about this progress, including ongoing clinical trials, when we detail recent significant advances in the field of Down syndrome cognition research in this free online discussion.

This informative, accessible presentation is designed specifically to prepare you with accurate, up-to-date information, and will cover:

  • How to communicate the latest research advances and their significance for individuals with Down syndrome in enhancing their daily lives;
  • How the Down syndrome community is essential to achieving successful new therapies, and what you can do to get involved;
  • How participation by individuals with Down syndrome benefits not only people with Ds but also benefits those in the broader community;
  • How working together to leverage support can significantly increase funding for Down syndrome research, and speed the development of safe, effective therapies to improve quality of life for people with Ds.

We hope you will join us for this free webinar to help you learn more about the significant advances and exciting progress that is currently underway.

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