It's Either Now or Never

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Doug Devitre

Topic: How to Recapture Lost Opportunity
Presenter: Doug Devitre
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When you update your website who knows about it, just YOU? If staff, leaders, and members are not sharing your message online then chances are you are working much harder than necessary.

The new age of social learning, sharing, and collaboration can amplify your communication strategy that mirrors what your members want, not just what you think they want. Reinvent your organization by developing the new skill sets, systems that cost little money and focus on the strategic objectives created from the values of each leader.

As a result your organization will be able to:

  • Stop spending money on ineffective marketing and communication methods using assessment and return on investment of available resources.
  • Get members to do the marketing for you.
  • Gain respect by your peers by having a strong reputable online brand.
  • Simplify and integrate systems that work together as one.
  • Save time by identifying the shortcuts with skill sets and training resources.
  • Perform a situation analysis that identifies opportunities that correspond with the organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Get more to attend and participate in upcoming meetings and events.
  • Assign roles and responsibilities of those needed to participate to arrive at expected outcomes.
  • Get more done using a customizable accountability plan.


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