How to Write a Kick-Ass Bio and Get Paid for Being the Real You

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- Why changing your "about" page and bio will transform how others perceive you
- How to talk powerfully about yourself without bragging, boasting, or being a bore (yes, it’s possible)

- Super-hero origins: how to craft a powerful backstory (regardless of your career experience to date)
- The chocolate secret and how to make it easy for people to feel like they know you
- Simple storytelling shortcuts to increase your likeability (...even if you're a little awkward or shy)

If you’re self-employed as an expert, author, speaker, coach, consultant, or entrepreneur, this webinar is especially for you.

Learn how to use story to position your work, attract opportunities, and get paid for being the real you. Storytelling is key to attracting the people, projects, and recognition you deserve. Your perceived worth and value is directly connected to your personal story. 

Designed for the non-storyteller, learn simple storytelling shortcuts to creating a standout yet authentic bio that attracts more of what you want. Discover the right tone, structure, and how to craft an interesting point of view. Figure out this story, and everything else will flow. 

About Michael Margolis

Michael MargolisThe son of a mad scientist and teacher, I'm on a mission to teach game-changing innovators how to tell their story. As President of Get Storied, I lead a global education and support network devoted to transformational storytelling. We have 11,000 members around the world that care about better storytelling in business, social change, and personal development.

Truth be told, I've been chronically self-employed my entire career. Despite early success as a social entrepreneur, I felt lost in translation. When I was 23, I discovered the power of storytelling and have been obsessed with the process ever since. For many years, I was a message architect to big brands and helped implement major change initiatives. In 2009, I self-published Believe Me: a Storytelling Manifesto for Change-makers and Innovators with 10,000 copies in circulation. As the curator of the Reinvention Summit: Storytelling's Biggest Online Conference, I've interviewed 50+ of the world's leading storytelling experts. 

As a passionate teacher, I speak at dozens of venues each year including NASA, Etsy, SXSW, BlogWorld, and Zappos. My TV guilty pleasures are Celebrity Rehab and Millionaire Matchmaker. I'm left-handed, color-blind, and eat more chocolate than the average human. 

The above webinar is based on my popular online e-course and 7-step storytelling system,The New About Me (AKA how to tell your story online without being a douche). With more than 350 graduates, this breakthrough approach has been featured in Wired, LifeHacker, and AOLJobs. 

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