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Lyn Hilt (FREE Webinar)

Topic: The Networked Administrator: Leading and Learning with Social Media
Length: 60 minutes
Presenter: Lyn Hilt (FREE Webinar)
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Sometimes who you know is as important as what you know. Having a wide range of professional connections not only broadens your reach, it can actually help you learn, grow, and become more efficient. This session explores the role of the networked administrator, who, as the school's lead learner, recognizes the value and use of social media to develop professional connections, build relationships and capacity, help create organizational efficiency, and bring innovative learning experiences to students and staff.

This session is designed for administrators, teachers, educators...anyone interested in learning more about the power of connected leading and learning!

You will walk away from this webinar with:

  • An appreciation of the importance of expanding your professional connections
  • An understanding of how to use social media to develop these connections
  • Ways to use social media to become more efficient
  • Ideas for using social media to bring learning experiences to students and staff

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