Learn the Secrets of public speaking

Welcome to the Learn Effective Speaking Webinar where we will discuss the secrets of speaking with impact.if you are interested in improving. The webinar is presented by Neil Lazarus, a professional keynote speaker whospeaks to over 30,000 people a year in 5 countries annually. Neil teaches from his own experience and his client list is long and inludes diplomats and politicians.

The webinar is designed for anybody that wishes to understand the public speaking,how to start and end with impact and how to use powerpoint effectively.

Unlike the many other techniques offered on the internet, these are not theories. They are used daily in presentations worldwide.

Whether you communicate on the telephone, speak in public or over the web,how you present yourself is vital

The webinars are 25 minutes long and you can choose when to attend! These secrets are tried and tested and easy to apply. The best thing is the webinar is free. the webinar is fun and easy to follow and can be viewed again after attending. Most importantly Neil gives out lot's of free gifts, tips and techniques. Keep posted until the end for the best suprise of all.

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