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Nancy Hayssen

Topic: Nancy Hayssen's Million Dollar FREE Ad Plan
Presenter: Nancy Hayssen
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What NANCY’S SYSTEM did for her (and could do for you, too!):

--   Built a platform reaching over 10 million people worldwide with her message about beauty and self-empowerment.

--   Gained over 250,000 new YouTube viewers, becoming a celebrity online and attracting new fans and new customers around the world.

--   Gained over $1,000,000 in FREE Advertising spreading her message, her business, her book and her name throughout the world.

--   Built an email list of over 20,000+ raving fans

--   Gained new paid modeling gigs

--   Rose to #1 on Google – dominating her industry online

--   Booked high-end speaking engagements, negotiated corporate book deals and developed ongoing business relationships.

--   Increased book sales, clients and media contacts.

--   Gained almost instant credibility by being recognized as the "expert" in her field.

--   Got into negotiations for her own reality TV show.

--  Opened doors, and new opportunities for her…

--   Helped change the world by spreading her message of self-empowerment to millions of people from the U.S., to Europe, Africa, South America, Asia to Australia.

... and Nancy's System could do the same for YOU!

In fact, you can start right where you are at now... even if you have no connections, no customers or no cash.

She shows her transformation from being over $45,000 in debt to rising Celebrity Expert online in just 24 hours...

Plus, Find out the #1 Secret WHY the Media Needs YOU.

TV Shows Need You. 

Magazines Need You. 

Online Media Need You. 

Newspapers Need You.

Radio Stations Need You. 

TV Shows Need You. 

The Media needs you - NOW!

Who Will Benefit from Watching This Webinar?

Entrepreneurs, Authors, Experts, Speakers, Entertainers, Leaders, Information Marketers, Realtors, Coaches and Anyone wanting to spread a Message, Book or Business to Hundreds of Thousands (even Millions) of People Around the World...

Special Bonus for Watching the Webinar!

We know your time is valuable - so as a special bonus - you will receive access to Nancy's "7 Secrets to Becoming a Celebrity Expert" including 8 Rules to Attract Media So They Come to YOU! ... giving you the inside mindset on how Nancy and top marketers get the Media inviting them to appear on national TV, Magazines, Radio, Online Media and Newspapers... for FREE.

PLUS, a surprise at the end of watching the Webinar.

"The best part of Nancy’s System is that you don't have to spend a dime of your own money promoting your business… IF you know the rules to the game."

Nancy Hayssen, author of Sexy at Any Size! is an entrepreneur just like you, and has been featured on CBS Entertainment Tonight’s The Insider, Fox News, Playboy Radio and media worldwide. She teaches how to become a Celebrity Expert and gain millions of dollars for your business resulting in more freedom in your life.


Frankly, there's NOTHING like this training out there.

“Find out how YOU can Get National TV, Radio, Magazines, Internet and Newspapers to Support YOUR Business ... for FREE!”

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