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Laura Wilson - Nutritionist, Author

Topic: Health Turnaround: The 5 Shifts to Optimum Health
Presenter: Laura Wilson - Nutritionist, Author
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In the Next 40 Minutes, You'll Discover...

  • 5 mindset shifts you 100% need to make in order to have abundant health and the slim body you desire

  • The mighty power of a plant-based alkaline diet for authentic weight loss and healing and real life examples of people's results

  • The shocking truth about what we're up against when it comes to achieving the body & health you long for (and how to overcome it)

  • The 7 areas that have been proven to make or break good health

  • ..And how to do all of this without feeling deprived or like you're on a 'diet'


About Laura Wilson

Laura Wilson is a Nutritionist and author of 'The Alkaline 5 Diet' and featured regularly in print media, radio and podcasts. She is an experienced health coach and has been researching, writing and holding events on nutrition and natural health since 1999 and truly knows the simple secrets to achieving optimum physical wellbeing, no matter what the starting point.

Laura went from overweight, unfit smoker as a student to lean, vibrant ultra-marathon runner and has helped many thousands of people all around the world via her website and newsletters to naturally improve their health, get in great shape, look younger and, in some cases, heal serious diseases.


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