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Elyse Hope Killoran

Topic: Wealth Consciousness Upgrade Event
Presenter: Elyse Hope Killoran
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Can a 90-minute free webinar really shift your personal wealth trajectory?

We have evidence that it can...

Close to 50% of the attendees of a recent
  Wealth Consciousness Upgrade Event responded to a survey one week after the session.

Of those respondents, more than 91% answered "yes" to the following questions. (Click on the graph directly to view individual survey responses.)

Are you longing to experience this kind of liberation for yourself?

  • Have you begun to question why most of us feel so disempowered when it comes money and wealth?
  • Do you find it sad that we are a) working harder, b) playing less and c) feeling more behind than ever?
  • Do you question whether all the stress, struggle and sacrifice we’ve been trained to tolerate is really necessary?
  • Do you sense that there may be another way for us to structure the way we approach “money” - so that, instead of anxiety, competition, and a world of winners and losers, we can occupy a world that works for everyone?
  • Would you be willing to liberate yourself from the way we have been playing the “game of wealth” on planet earth – if doing so meant that you would unleash a torrent of new possibilities in your life…and in the lives of everyone on the planet?


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, it is time for you to experience the unparalleled freedom, expansiveness and joy that are the byproducts of a Wealth Consciousness Upgrade.


"What a gift tonight - WOW! I feel like something has cracked open in a big way. It’s hard to put into words."

“There is no doubt that I am different now than before the event; the biggest shift is the freedom from emotional charge around money.”

“For me, that was definitely the most impactful/thought provoking webinar I have ever been on (and I have been on quite a few in the past few years.)  My new life story is now going to be even more powerful & coming from choice…”

“I want to listen to it over and over…”


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