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Francis Hunt has been trading for over 26 years. He rubs shoulders with private fund managers with over 25 million pounds of managed own funds and teaches beginners through to experienced traders his strategy to add more profit consistency & predictability to their trading.

Discover the unique & proven FX trading strategies of Francis Hunt which have been battle tested over 26 years. Now you can learn some of the strategies managers of multi-million pound hedge funds pay him £12,453 to learn (for free).

# - Winning Formula:91% of traders lose money... So how to be in the top 9%? - Simple... Avoid bad trading habits and follow a proven geometric & crowd psychology exploiting strategy. The strategy revealed in this Webinar has been developed from over 26 years of trading the markets and represents a unique and consistently profitable strategy.

# - Avoid Bad Trading Habits:Trust your gut? - Some hunches may work... but long term you will always end up giving it all back... Greed keeps us in a trade & pain is what takes us out. Learn how to control these emotions by following a comprehensive and detailed plan, covering all aspects including exits. After all you haven’t bought well until you have sold well!

# - Profit From Volatility:Breakouts... Why trade breakouts? How to ride these opportunities for BIG profit? (Find out inside).

# - Window Into The Future:How trends in the financial markets revealed the Greek economic crisis long before the news was released... and why trading based on news events always leaves you one step behind the curve.

# - Risk Management:Understand the mathematics of a draw-down (understand the weight of the ‘recovery ladder’) and the value of playing great defence – Stop loss placement and determination - Risk reward ratio - Position sizing – other aspects of Money Management and much more...

# - The Game:Understanding the nature of the game... Charting based homework and depth in your trade assessment... As individual traders we have the power: Not to be in the market, to be highly selective and to await the ideal criteria... but what criteria to look for? (Find out inside).

# - Pitfalls:Indicator fascination - Why you should pay less attention to indicators and more attention to human behaviour... and its predictable patterns... Why a trailing stop loss is NOT an exit strategy – PLUS how to use targets to save you from your emotions...

# - Game Changer:Learn how to become your own global macro hedge-fund manager. Learn to dominate by becoming a specialist in one strategy area. - PLUS how to leverage the lessons you have paid for earlier in your trading experience...and why most fail to do so, repeating the same mistake in multiple guises in perpetuity.

# - Preparation Is Key:We don't trade the markets, we trade our beliefs about the market'. Find out why in-depth planning can take you to the next level and how to do this.

# - Financial Engineering:Learn to manage your losses rather than your profit (realisation of your loss quicker). – Did you know that a trailing stop loss can kill profits by getting you out at low points? - PLUS Utilising multi time-frame analysis, Intra-market analysis & key levels of significance.

# - Smart Trades:How to determine pending trigger entry levels before a key move? Choose a failure level with a stop loss that is predetermined and at a rare squeeze point, allowing reduced risk (not a gut feeling) - Trade sizing in-line with your trading goals - Risk reward ratio assessment - Trade attractiveness and probability assessments.

# - Patterns Within Patterns:Instead of adding your way to gains is it possible to multiply return within, strong money management? Learn the value of a tighter funnel from pending entry to stop... 1/5th the distance allows 5 times the size. Big moves in your favour in a short time, gaining a substantial return.

# - The Gift Of Volatility:Volatility dissipates slowly, till quiet but always returns with a bang. It re-occurs as a fresh big move takes a foot. Just prior to volatility returning it is usually when price action is at its most ‘boring’ and docile. If you trade options, you benefit from a brisk move ‘into the money’ and the volatility expansion value. Learn how to play the market cycles of the market like a pro.

# - The Rules Of Trading:Trade with the trend, low risk trades that have pattern based predictability behind them. Volatility that contributes an explosive return on a tighter risk basis blowing your Risk Reward ratio beyond all your peers. Learn to ride the supply & demand imbalance from the moment of detonation.

# - Pig-out Strategies:Multiply your way to gains instead of adding your way to them (within the confines of money management).

# - 5 Stages Of A Breakout:Learn and identify where you are on the map, from each element of the move from start to its objective from the Feign and break stage - Second chance stage - Capitulation stage - Weak buying overcome - Counter-attack stage and progress decay – PLUS discover how to get gains of 50%+ on your trading account in a single trade...

# - Raising Your Game:A three year plan that could even set you on the path to becoming an institutional manager of funds with responsibility for millions, utilising a single set up well... All it takes is consistency, which is attainable with this system. - PLUS how to earn and secure your ... “stable increasing equity curve” ... the key for becoming a fund manager or just a successful trader of your own funds.

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