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"Passive Real Estate Investing Opportunity in #1 Real Estate Market"

In this informative webinar, Thom Garlock of IRA Assets News and his special guest Jeff Ader of present an overview of an excellent passive IRA Investing Opportunity.  

Jeff Ader is the Founder and CEO of   Jeff is a real estate investor and property manager with over 35 years experience.   Currently his company Dorfman property management manages over 1000 properties in the Indianapolis IN market.  Inman news and CNN Money have both named Indianapolis, IN as the #1 Best Market for Real Estate Investments. 

In this webinar, Thom and Jeff will discuss Jeff's unique approach to providing quality passive turnkey real estate investment opportunities to individucals looking to invest in Real Estate without the time and headaches typically assoicated with owner rental property.

If you are looking to leverage your retirment dollars or further diversify your have to hear how Jeff is offering "non-recourse" ownerfinancing on his properties.  His Retirement Accelerator program allows investors to own Free and Clear Cashflow Real Estate in less than 10 years with as little as a $12,000 investment on a $36,000 investment property!

Don't miss this very informative and Free Presentation!  

We look forward to seeing you on the webinar!


Thom Garlock & Jeff Ader

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