TradeMiner! When, What And How To Trade.

In the recent bank reform bill, they actually suggested 'banning' this type of trading!  Here's what they said:  "It gives those traders an unfair advantage!"

In this webinar, listen as I personally show THREE (3) specific markets that you can apply this strategy to, and how you can have the "Unfair Advantage!"

   1.  Identify market cycles that have been 90 to 100% profitable.
   2.  Identify 90 to 100% profitable trends over the past 10 to 15 years.
   3.  How to identify trends in Stocks, Futures & Forex.
   4.  How to build a portfolio of seasonal markets.
   5.  How to trade a seasonal trend, using technical triggers.

Don't miss this rare opportunity, I'll only be teaching this particular subject for a short couple of weeks, then I'll be moving onto something else, so don't miss out.

Hope to see you there!
Lan Turner

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