Complete Review of the CMS 2017 OPPS Final Rule and Implications

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Jugna Shah, MPH

Topic: CMS 2017 OPPS Final Rule Review with Bill Malm & Jugna Shah
Presenter: Bill Malm, ND CMAS CRCR
Presenter: Jugna Shah, MPH
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Bill Malm has been doing reviews of the OPPS Rules (plus IPPS, MPFS, and others) for over 15 years, and is a Co-Host of the popular internet talk show, "Finally Friday!" for the past three years. He will do a complete review of the Final Rule and discuss it's implications for your facility. The short video above gives you and idea of the agenda on the webinar.

Joining Bill is renowned speaker and consultant Jugna Shah, of Nimitt Consulting, who will be adding insights and commentary during this important webinar.

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