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Michelangelo Lopez

Topic: Craigslist Marketing & Strategy Webinar
Presenter: Michelangelo Lopez
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There is no denying that if you can get multiple ads up on Craigslist you will WIN!  If you can take MASSIVE ACTION on Craigslist you will absolutely EXPLODE whatever it is you are marketing! 
Over 50 million visitors a month and over 1 million ads on Craigslist are posted every month-- 4 Billion Page Turns!
Whether you are promoting a twenty dollar product or a $20,000 dollar Big Ticket service and/or training the knowledge you will gain in this webinar will make you a winner!

The webinar is Pure Content and you will want to make sure you have something to write with, tablet to take notes on, and no distractions.  
WARNING: This is not some flimsy flamsy put together webinar to than get you
to buy something.  The webinar is 2 hours long.  Pure Content.  Nobody goes as indepth
at mastering Craigslist as Michelangelo.  Let me put it like this: don't think you
can really get a good start mastering Craigslist posting attending silly willy mini 30 minute or even an hour webinar.  It's not going to happen. 

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