Why YOU Should Do a Lease to Own Today!

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Greg Hughes

Topic: Is a Lease to Own Right For You?
Presenter: Greg Hughes
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THIS WEBINAR HAS EXPIRED. Please go to www.MyLease2Own.com for the most up-to date info on our Lease 2 Own Program. Thanks!


My Lease 2 Own

Can’t get financing today and want to own your own Home? Not a problem.

You can choose your own home on the open market and be a homeowner again, right now, with our Lease to Own Program.

Look…we know your credit history is only part of your story. We are more interested in you, not your credit score. Other things are more important to us. We want to know.... do you have the ability to pay (afford the home) and do you have the ability to be successful in the Lease to Own program? That doesn’t require a perfect credit score.  


Way too many people have been unjustly caught in this economic meltdown leaving them with a home so far underwater that they will never in their lifetime see the value return to justify paying down the rest of the mortgage.



Others have diligently tried to work with their lender to no avail and have truthfully just been jerked around only to find that the lender doesn’t have any intention on working out a reasonable deal to reduce the mortgage or modify the payments. They just don’t care. You are nothing but another number to them.  


All of these are unfortunately turning into short sales, foreclosures and bankruptcies which restrict you… from getting financing for another 2 to 3 years.

If all of this mayhem has left you confused and feeling like a 2nd class citizen, take a deep breath and relax. I will show you how you can get back on top.....be in complete control.....and gain peace of mind in knowing you can own your own home again or for the first time even in today’s economic climate!


So what if I gave you a $75,000 off coupon to go buy your new home... would you be interested?





Of course you would! That is exactly what we are encountering in  this housing market and you should take advantage of the rock bottom prices before the appreciation starts up again and it will!!

Literally, right now you can buy homes for $75,000 to $90,000 below fair market value because of the over-correction in pricing.

In fact, Case Shiller, the most well respected housing market research firm, has predicted Reno to be #8 and Carson City to be #1 in the entire nation over the next five years in housing price growth rates.

They are recognizing the same phenomenon we are seeing …

the market is vastly undervalued right now.

  You are seeing the most affordable housing market in the last 40 years and I am sure you want to be able to buy one of these great deals. Now's the time.  We also know that a lot people are hurting out there and feel almost like 2nd class citizens because they can't get financing.



No reason to feel that way anymore...

Our Lease to Own program can solve those dilemmas for you. There is a way to get back on top and to have the security and stability of knowing you have your own home … and not just any home, but one you have chosen yourself on the open market.


Having uncertainty in your life is not a good feeling and one of the items that can give you back your peace of mind is knowing what to expect with the place you call home.

Your home shouldn’t be about stress and temporary living (renting).

It should be about feeling regenerated at the end of the day and rekindling your spirit after all those challenges we have to face outside of our sanctuary...

… our home.




Just the simple act of knowing when you are building your garden, setting up your garage exactly how you like it, or redecorating the kitchen … it is yours, and yours to keep for as many years as you please. These things are part of your bones and soul of expecting nothing less than owning your own home. Knowing it is yours and that you can do with it as you see fit. Knowing you are not throwing your money down the drain on rent and you are building equity for your future.

  P.S. - What do you have to lose other than 45 minutes of your time? On the other hand, you have a whole lot to gain by feeling proud, secure and stable with owning your own home again. No more worries about inconsistent housing, throwing away money on rent and gaining the peace of mind of having your own home as part of the American dream. Register today!

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