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Mindy Gasparek has brought you this very special training.  It is her goal for you to receive the VIP treatment and education you deserve. 

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About the Training: 


First and foremost, this is NOT some run-of-the-mill SALES PITCH Webinar!  This is 75 minutes of rock-solid content that will astonish you.  You will be provided all of the tools you need to begin  implementing immediately and for FREE!  

1) Learn step-by-step how it's possibe to pay only $75,000 of mortgage interest instead of  $283,000! 

2) Watch how nearly $50,000 in credit cards and auto loans was paid off in under 3 years without Debt Settlement or Debt Consolidation!! 

3) Learn steps you can use NOW to begin investing and own multiple properties FREE & CLEAR in under 10 years. 

All this with no change to lifestyle.  'How can that be possible?' you might wonder.  You will be shown the exact process. CLICK HERE to see what your peers think of this class.

This class will teach you:

  • 7 Ways To Keep More of YOUR Money.
  • 3 Key Steps to Prevent Being In Debt Forever.
  • 4 Questions To Answer If You Want To Invest More Quickly & Safely
  • 1 Solution to Enhance and Protect Credit Scores
  • The Fastest AND Safest Way to Accelerate Financial goals
  • No changes to income, lifestyle, or risk level.

This system works for the rich & the poor, the young & the old, the W2'd & the self-employed.  It works for everyone in some way. 

You will NEVER look at money or banks again the same.  Come prepared to watch closely and take a lot of notes. 

You will receive 2 incredible bonuses if you have the focus to make it all the way to the end of the class. 

One more thing, . . .you will get a FREE copy of Edward Jamison's 'Even The Score' if you share this class with your loved ones.   This book will teach you everything you need to know about credit scores.

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About the Trainer:

After being trained by a creator of the Fair Isaac scoring formula, your trainer Matthew Pillmore became one of only a few hundred Certified Credit Scoring and Cash Flow Experts. 

He has hosted hundreds of radio shows, had several television appearances and was a contributing author to 3 educational books teaching strategic budget planning to business owners and consumers. He speaks to several large groups every week, so this is a very special event. 

Matthew's revolutionary 7 step system helps you build a better relationship with the banks.


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