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Webinar Presentation

Anni Adkins and Joe Hoover

Topic: Getting Started in the Investigative Industry - PI 101
Presenter: Anni Adkins and Joe Hoover
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Here is what We Will Be Covering on this 2 Hour Webinar…

- We'll be covering ALL the different Areas of the PI industry and those that are the MOST lucrative and HOT right now to get into. 

- We will also be covering the TRAINING and LICENSING needed in order to become a professional investigator.

- Also we'll show you how to start your own HOME BASED Internet business with little upfront cost to you.  

- We will also be touching on how WOMEN are playing a HUGE role in the investigative industry and why some say they may be even BETTER than Male investigators. 

- And of course, we are going to provide you with some tips and tricks from the EXPERT PIs on how to start making money right away after the webinar WITHOUT a PI license!

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