Shift Happens! Thriving On Change

One of Jim's most requested topics, Shift Happens! Thriving On Change is applicable to any business - large or small. Shift Happens teaches audiences how to deal with and thrive on change. The presentation is humorous and timely. Jim will show your audience how to:
- Change your focus from just the process to results.
- Shift your thinking from linear problem solving to creative problem solving.
- Earn and nurture the support of your associates, so they share the company vision and consolidate their energies toward achieving your short and long term goals.

Most important, you'll learn the "why" behind the "how." Knowing how gives you the tools to act, but knowing why gives you the knowledge to anticipate, move quickly, consolidate the genius of your organization - and to blow away the competition.

This session is a timely update on methods and mindsets. Jim's coaching points will focus on how to adjust to the changing world by discovering new opportunities using existing resources. Existing resources is the first place Jim will focus your attention, in order to save money, time and increase your ability to thrive on change at lightening speed.

Shift Happens!® In this age of global incoherence, personal innovation is more important than ever. The time to be a creative problem solver-for yourself- is now. In addition, organizations are desperate for creative people who see things differently, who can quickly size up a problem and develop creative solutions to it.

Once you take control of your personal changes you can apply that same technique you can offer that skill set to ‘create’ a lifetime of opportunity. Jim will share real life examples of how to reinvent yourself and apply creative problem solving to your own life. Don't miss this presentation.

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